Zephaniah Records presents:

The 3rd Annual Western Pennsylvania Inspirational Music Festival
At Memorial Park in New Kensington, PA.
Friday night, July 22nd, 7pm until 10pm
Saturday, July 23rd, 10:30am until 10:30pm


This FREE event for the entire family will feature outstanding musicians and songwriters from six states sharing original songs in a relaxed outdoor setting. 

 The festival begins Friday evening, July 22nd, at 7pm. 

And ends on Saturday, July 23rd, at 10:30pm.


Listen to Powerful New Songs from the Heart of the Creator

 Performed by:

LYNN BADAMO ~ bob d’antoni ~ MARK MURETISCH  ~ gerry cramer ~ TAMMI WALLER ~ john craig ~ PHILIP MAY ~ manuela moriarty ~ DONNA MAJETICH ~ kandi bahr ~TONY MATOR ~ joy kitay ~ JEFFREY ALAN NOWAK  ~ carmen butler ~ CATHY STEWART ~ daniel annis ~  COMPANIONS OF THE LAMB ~ jim rearick ~ RICK MOSKOVITZ ~ catalyst ~ MICHAEL MRASZ  ~ chris & diana ~ PAMELA TOWNSEND ~ barbara brison ~ BROOKE PINNEY ~ sarah wilkins ~ CINDY BEDRON  ~ david benrexi & friends of messiah ~ Jamie Dillon

With dancing by Anne Pelchar and Aenea Saunders

Full "Schedule" listed below



The uniqueness of this music festival is that all the musicians share their own original inspirational songs, the songs that mean the most to them.  Many CDs will be given away during the festival.  No one should leave empty-handed (or hearted.)  Keep an ear out - you will hear some of the songs from the NEW CD ! Six of our featured artists will be sharing - LIVE!

Remember:  This is always a FREE event for the whole family.  Come and be refreshed by the wonderful songs that God is bringing to the world as an expression of His love.  Bring someone you care about.  And may God put a song in your heart. Come and be refreshed by the wonderful songs that God is bringing to the world as an expression of His love.

We will have plenty of food and other refreshments!

An all-you-can-consume meal ticket will be available at the food tent.


Scheduled Line-up

Friday night 7-10:00:

Mark Muretisch ~ Sarah Wilkins & John Craig ~ David Benrexi & Friends of Messiah ~ Pamela Townsend ~ Jeffrey Alan Nowak



Sarah Wilkins & John Craig ~ Jamie Dillon  ~ Michael Mrasz ~ Lynn Badamo ~ Tony Mator ~ Joy Kitay ~ Jeffrey Alan Nowak


Companions Of The Lamb ~ Mark Muretisch ~ Cindy Bedron ~ Cathy Stewart ~ Kandi Bahr


Tammi Waller ~ Daniel Annis ~ Barbara Brison ~ Annie And Aenea ~ Catalyst ~ Jim Rearick ~ Anne Pelchar & Aenea Saunders (Dance)


Gerry Cramer ~ Rick Moskovitz ~ Philip May ~ Manuela Moriarty ~ Carmen Butler ~ Donna Majetich ~ David Benrexi & Friends of Messiah


 Directions: From Rte 28, get off at exit 14 and go right at end of ramp.  Pass red light (please wait 'til it turns green) and cross Tarentum Bridge.  Pass Giant Eagle, K-Mart (on left) and Denny's, Wendy's, and Taco Bell (on right) and stay on main road (Rte 366).  When road comes to fork, take the road to the right.  Slow down and get in the left lane.  You will turn left to enter the park.  There is a Kingdom Hall (no comments, please) you will pass, and then turn left into the park.  Cross a tiny bridge and let the music carry you along.


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