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The Defining Moment of My Life

May 28, 2003
Email: David Benrexi

Hello dear brothers and sisters.  I hope you are experiencing the love of God in your heart and in your life.  May He comfort you and strengthen you.  May your heart rejoice in His victory in your life.

I want to tell you about the morning of August 25, 1980.  It has been the defining moment of my life.  It was the morning after I had given my life to Jesus Christ at the First Baptist Church in Cave Junction, Oregon.  Art Edwards, the pastor of that church, met me at the door and invited me to come into his house and I sat in his living room.  Art was 62 years old with white hair, a muscular physique, and a very gentle face.  His whole being exuded kindness and warmth.

Wasting no time with small talk, I asked Art, "What do I do now?"

I had expected there would be some kind of program or plan that I would be given to follow, but Artís response completely disarmed me:

"Son, when you wake up in the morning, thank God for the day Heís given you, and ask Him what He wants you to do with it.  Just wait for His answer, and when he gives it, just do it."

As a hippie flower child, all I could say was, "Wow!"

I donít think I said much of anything else.  I was feeling totally wonderful knowing that God loved me and that all my sins were forgiven.  There was way too much joy breaking forth in my heart to try to talk.  I would have just started babbling and been embarrassed, so I just smiled and said, "Thank you."  Art said, "Youíre welcome."  Thatís really all I remember.  It made so much sense, and I was relieved to know that God would tell me what to do, since I had no clue whatever what I would be doing with the rest of my life.

The next morning when I awoke in our tent, I whispered to the Lord, "Thank you Lord for giving me this day.  What do You want me to do?"  Almost immediately, I had the sense that He wanted me to leave town.  I told Jo I would be going back to Portland to look for a job.  She was very sweet and supportive and said sheíd miss me.  Having no car at this time in our life, I hitchhiked and arrived in Portland some time around 2 or 3 in the afternoon.  I found a friend and got a newspaper and started making calls from the want ads.  I went to a couple of restaurants.  That was where I had the most experience.  I remember filling out the application.  They wanted the last four jobs, how long you worked, what you got paid, and the last column said "Reason for Leaving."  As a new babe in Christ, lying would have been unthinkable, so in all four spaces in the last column I wrote, "Fired."

I got up early the next morning and picked up the Wednesday paper.  I got a haircut and shaved off my beard.  I made a few calls and got on the bus to call on three more restaurants and fill out applications.  Again I felt compelled to put the true reason my last four jobs had only lasted between a week and four months.  The first two said theyíd call me if they needed me.  The third one congratulated me for having a lot of chutzpah, only he used a more graphic term.  He was impressed that I was so honest and said he didnít have any openings at the moment, but wanted me to know that if he had one heíd hire me.

The couple I was staying with were hippies.  All I wanted to do was play my guitar and read the Bible.  And find a job.  Thursday was a lot like Tuesday and Wednesday.  I filled out a few applications and no one offered me work.  I could have been frustrated, but I wasnít.  I still had that new-found joy of the Lord.  When I woke up Friday morning I sensed that God wanted me to go back to Cave Junction.  I didnít understand why He would sent me to Portland to look for a job and then send me back to Cave Junction without one, but I headed back that morning.

During my trip home, I sensed the Lord was telling me He was pleased that I had obeyed Him and that a wonderful surprise awaited me.  My last ride took me back to the campsite where I was thronged by an exuberant group of children including my own.  Each adult that greeted me seemed like he or she had something exciting to tell me but couldnít.  My body language said, "Whatís going on?"  And theirs said, "Youíll see.  Youíll see."

Finally I saw Jo.  I was expecting her to ask me if I had found a job.  I was going to tell her I didnít, and then maybe sheíd say, "Well, what are you doing here, then?"  It didnít happen like that, Iím happy to report.  Jo came walking toward me, and I walked toward her, and it seemed like the whole world was watching as we hugged each other and she said, "I missed you."  And I said, "I missed you, too."  Then, we hugged some more and she said I looked nice with short hair and I said, "You look nice, too!"

I really donít remember how she told me, but even before she told me, I knew.  I could tell.  After a little while, Jo told me how the day before, she started missing me, and it seemed like her whole world was falling apart.  Our friend Pat told her she was going to call Art, and Jo didnít want her to do that, but she did anyway.  When Art arrived, Jo had gone into the woods to cry, and Art found her.  He said, "Whatís the matter, Honey?"  When Art called you "Son" or "Honey" you always felt safe.

"I donít know," Jo answered.  "Iíve been crying all day, and I just canít stop."

"Thatís the Holy Spirit, Honey," Art said.  "And Heís all over you."

Art shared with Jo from the Bible about how God sent Jesus to die for our sins and how we could receive eternal life by coming to Him.  Jo told me that when she asked Jesus into her heart she felt like she lost a hundred pounds.  She told me how she was hoping I wouldnít go forward at the church service on Sunday, and that she wanted to grab me to stop me but she couldnít.  Then she told God, "If youíre so powerful, get David to stop using drugs."  I was totally set free from day one without any withdrawal or need for rehab.

The defining moment for me was that I began to acknowledge Godís Lordship.  I made it my daily practice to talk to Him and listen to Him.  I chose to believe that He actually had a "wonderful plan for my life."  I believe essential to Godís wonderful plan for my life, my wifeís life, and your life is this:  He wants you to know Him, trust Him, and believe Him.  He wants to be involved in a love relationship with you.  He wants you to be involved in a love relationship with Him.  If He could have anything He wanted, He would have you.  Have you told Him today how much you love Him?

It has been nearly twenty-three years since that defining moment.  There have been many difficult struggles.  I have gotten side-tracked and known discouragement, and even sunk into pits of depression and despair.  What I have learned is that when I try to plan and run my own life it always leads to disappointment and unhappiness.  But I can always go back to square one and thank God for the day Heís given me, and ask Him what He would have me do with it.

I am Your child/ My heart is longing to be by Your side/ I am Your child/ You are the breath that keeps me alive (2x)

As I enter into Your presence/ All my worries fall away/ As I enter into Your presence/ All my troubles fade away

You are my Father/ And I am drawn by Your love more and more/ You are my Father/ The One Who I worship and adore

You can listen to this song at www.mydaddylovesme.org It is song #7 on Ď1949í

Can you remember how wonderful it felt to know that God loved you and that your sins were all forgiven?  David asked God to restore the joy of His salvation (Psalm 51:12).  We do well to ask the same thing as needed, and never accept satanís lie that God doesnít want you to be happy. He definitely wants you to be happy.  Itís not His plan that we wouldnít know sorrow or grief, because life is full of hurts and disappointments.  At least mine is.  But, I am able to follow Godís exhortation to rejoice always, because He loves me.  He really loves me.  And as sure as my name is David (beloved) and my wife is Jo (sweetheart), my Daddy loves you!  Smile... :-)

If you need a word of encouragement or prayer, Iím here to be your friend.  Share this message freely as God leads.  Ask Him who needs to hear from you today, and reach out with His love.

--David Benrexi

If you've been blessed by this message share it with someone else.  If you haven't, call 412-727-2526 for a prompt refund, no questions asked.  We love you, although we don't always know how to express it.  God loves you most of all.  Rejoice!

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