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by D. Benrexi
by D. Benrexi
Friends of Pink or Blue?
by D. Benrexi
by various authors
October 23, 2002
"Created in His
Creative Image"
Vol 1: 
Musicians Need to Breathe!!!!
Vol 1:
April 22, 2003
"Love and Honor"
by Rosalie Wills
November 7, 2002 
"Does God Want
to Use Mary?"
Vol 2: 
How David Met Elizabeth
Vol 2:
May 23, 2003
Who's the Greatest? Parts 1 & 2
by David Howe
November 24, 2002 
"Have You
Been Overlooked?"
Vol 3:
Do You Use Cliff Notes to Worship God?
 Vol 3:
June 24, 2003
Facing Our Worship Fears
by Jack Helser
January 4, 2003
"New Now"
Vol 4:
The Ham & Cheese Revelation
 Vol 4:
August 1, 2003
The Power to Effect Life
by Undrai & Bridget Fizer
January 21, 2003 
 Vol 5:
The Grasshopper Redemption
 Vol 5:
September 11, 2003
Whirlwind Romance
by Graham Cooke
February 27, 2003 
"I Don't Know
All the Answers"
Vol 6:
What is the Biblical Function of a Worship Leader?
Love, Purpose, & Trust
by Undrai & Bridget Fizer
March 12, 2003
Baseball Squad"
 Vol 7:
A Recipe for Sterility
by David Benrexi
March 23, 2003
"Making a Deal with God", Part 1
 Vol 8:
My Dad's Bigger Than Your Dad & Other Lies
Small Straws in a Soft Wind
Marsha Burns 
April 11, 2003
"Making a Deal with God", Part 2
 Vol 9:
If a Song Falls in the Woods & Nobody Hears It
Understanding Who God Made You To Be
by Winston Davenport 
April 26, 2003
"Outsmarting the Christians"
Vol 10:
How Long Must I Wait?
Choice on Earth 
by Fr. Frank Pavone
Priests for Life
May 11, 2003
Enough already, I give up!
 Vol 11:
There Must Be Something Wrong With Me
My Ministry
by Patsy Shelton
May 28, 2003
The Defining Moment
Of My Life
 Vol 12:
He Just Cares That I Love Him 
by Victoria A. Winterowd
June 11, 2003
God Told Me
 Vol 13:
Mr. Sow and Sow
The Restaurant Revelation
by Jack Helser
July 2, 2003
What's In A Name
 Vol. 14:
Correct Me if I'm Right

Singing in the Park:
from Idea to Reality

Jack Helser

Don't Give The Devil An Inch

 Vol. 15:
Sponges, Fountains & Fast Food

The Reformation of Giving
Lee Howard

God's Desire For You

Getting into Music Ministry
Rocky Mountain Ministries

Music Prophecy
Charlene Shoemaker

September 1, 2003
What is a Visionary?

Singing in the Park
The 2nd annual Inspirational Music Festival

Simply His Servant
Sandy Brunson
November 25, 2003
It's A Beautiful Day

Identity Theft Solutions
David Benrexi

Jealousy - A 4-Part Series
by Jo Benrexi

Identity Theft Solutions - Part 2
David Benrexi


Identity Theft Solutions - Part 3
David Benrexi

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