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Don't Give the Devil an Inch

July 21, 2003
Email: David Benrexi

Chorus: Don't give the devil an inch/ Give him a foot/ Don't give the devil an inch/ Give him a foot

Stand upon his neck/ In the name of the LORD/ JESUS gives us the victory/ When we wield his sword/ The devil is a loser/ He has no hope at all/ In the name of JESUS/ His kingdom must fall (chorus)

The Word declares our victory/ We serve the LORD of Hosts/ We're covered with His armor/ Filled with the HOLY GHOST/ He's given us authority/ To break the serpent's spell/ As we declare His triumph/ Over all the hosts of hell (chorus)

Every time that he draws near/ Stick him with GOD's word/ When he whispers in your ear/ Kick him where it hurts/ The precious blood of JESUS/ Ends the sting of death/ The enemy is out of gas/ And he can't catch his breath (chorus)

Romans 16:20: And the God of peace shall bruise satan under your feet shortly.  The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.  Amen.

Every day we have a choice to make.  Will we give satan our ear or will we give him our foot?  The devil is like the proverbial traveling salesman (I Peter 5:8).  First he knocks.  Then, he tries to stick his foot in the door so you can't slam it in his face.  Next, he presents a persuasive, well-rehearsed sales pitch, skillfully designed to appeal to your emotions and sense of fairness.  He offers you a "benefit" that you deserve, that will make you feel better, and that could lead to "something even better."

If you give him an inch, he will take a mile.  He's the one who tells you it's all right to compromise on your biblical convictions, and then he's the one who will heap guilt and condemnation on you for giving into the temptation that he himself brought on you.  He never forgets a single sin.  You can be praying for someone at the altar in a church and he'll remind you of some sexual impropriety you were involved in thirty years ago.  Or he'll try to bring an unclean thought into your head concerning the person you're praying for.  He wants you to imagine yourself doing something perverted with that person.  Sadly, I believe many believers shrink from the ministry God has called them to, because of these attacks.

Is any one of us immune to this kind of oppression?  If you are, let me know.  I still face it, but, hallelujah, I know I belong to God, Who has forgiven my sins, received me into His family, translated me from the kingdom of darkness into His glorious light, and given me victory and authority over all His enemies.  And I know why He did this, too.  He did it because He loves me.

When we give satan our foot, we experience an intimacy with God that is out of this world.  We sense His pleasure every time we refuse to be moved by the fiery darts of the accuser.  I know I'm not perfect, and I'm comfortable with that, but I know God NEVER puts me down, so when those kinds of thoughts try to "creep" into my mind, I know the creep who is behind them, and I make sure he gets behind me.

When we give satan our ear, we begin a process of tearing ourselves down.  As he persuades us to do things we will condemn ourselves for later, we start to believe the lies he's telling us, that we are a disappointment, that we are doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over, that we have problems in life that prevent us from getting where we'd like to go.  We begin to repeat satan's lies to any one who will hear.  Fear and unbelief gradually take our daily life over completely.  We lie awake at night wondering how this happened.  We ask ourselves, is there any way out?

No matter what your situation is, God loves you completely, and Jesus's blood covers every sin.  Every single one.  Because Jesus is alive in you, He will lead and guide you by His Spirit (Romans 8:14).  This is an indisputable fact.  Ask God what He wants you to do, and believe He will answer.  If you do, He will.  It really is that simple.  There have been situations in my life that seemed fairly hopeless, but when I asked God to forgive me for not putting Him and His will ahead of everything else, things began to change.  I stopped condemning myself, knowing God wasn't condemning me.  Changes came slowly at first, but before long, the things I asked and believed for began to manifest in my life.

If you speak words regularly about your inability to do things, and frequently remind people of your shortcomings, you are playing into the enemy's hands.  Begin today to see yourself as God sees you.  A masterpiece in progress.  Someone He created in His own image with a purpose, Who He is leading from glory to glory.  Someone who He is making more and more like Jesus Christ every single day. 

Don't give the devil an inch.

Give him a foot!

---David Benrexi

Prayer request: Precious brothers and sisters, this coming Friday night and all day Saturday, we will be hosting an outdoor music festival in our area.  We have musicians traveling this week from Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio, Illinois, and Iowa and all over western Pennsylvania.  We believe this will be an historic gathering which will impact many lives.  Please pray for the people involved as God leads.  Details are available at www.mydaddylovesme.org/festival

When you go there, be sure to listen to the first song on the demo CD, 'In the Lord I'm a Conqueror' by Tim Daniel [LISTEN: MP3 | REAL AUDIO]:

I'll not be afraid/ I will have faith/ JESUS is with me/ I'm never alone/ Twenty four ours a day/ No matter what comes/ I will not run/ I will take courage/ And conquer every worry in my life/ That I face

My enemy lies/ Telling me I'm not gonna make it/ He wants me to think/ That I'm weak and I'm gonna fall/ But GOD is my shield/ And I know He'll never forsake me/ 'Cause faithful is the LORD of my salvation Who calls

Chorus: Nothing can separate me/ From the love I find in CHRIST/ I am secure in JESUS/ Standing firmly in His strength and in His might/ Thanks be to GOD Who always leads me into His triumph/ And I'm more than a conqueror/ In the LORD I'm a conqueror

I'm wearing a smile/ I am GOD's child/ Born of the SPIRIT/ Hidden in Christ/ Living in heaven above/ No demon of hell/ Satan himself cannot get near me/ I'm resting in the grace of GOD Who keeps me in His love (repeat chorus) 

--David Benrexi

If you've been blessed by this message share it with someone else.  If you haven't, call 412-727-2526 for a prompt refund, no questions asked.  We love you, although we don't always know how to express it.  God loves you most of all.  Rejoice!

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