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VOL 16


God’s Desire For You

August 12, 2003
Email: David Benrexi

I greet you in the name of Jesus.  How many people are having growing pains today?  I see a few hands.  Yes, I see a few more going up.  That's good. Remember, these are GROWING pains.  I don't want the pain to grow.  That's not  what I mean!  It's just that God wants you to grow (me, too, believe me!!) and it can be painful. 
The best way I know to deal with my pain is to help someone else with their pain.  The more I do that, the less I'm stuck away somewhere by myself
wondering why I have so much pain.  Sometimes it's physical.  Toothaches, back aches, shoulder pain, sensitive feet, belly aches cause I like to eat things that aren't good for me, and once in a while I get a headache that's a whopper.  I really hate that. 
Bad as physical pain can be, emotional pain hurts more.  Loneliness, rejection, big disappointments, getting my feelings hurt when I thought someone liked me, betrayal, feeling like a failure, seeing someone I love going through depression and unable to reach them, losing something or someone I wanted to hold on to.  Sometimes it's hard to love a world that refuses to love you back.
Anyway, whether or not you're having growing pains this minute, or you just went through something recently, or perhaps there's a trial ahead, you-know-who loves you.  There is always Someone you can take your troubles to.  What's His name?  You know!!!!!
Now, do we have any with us here today that like to do the occasional crossword puzzle?  You know "cross" is a very bible word.  And what's a more biblical word than "word".  So I know we've got some crossword enthusiasts here, oh, terrific, I see that hand, now we're confessing, okay, I see we have more than a few who know what I'm talking about.  Did you know that scientists have declared that people who do crossword puzzles are less likely to develop Alzheimer's Disease?  It's true.  One of the things I look forward to doing on Sundays is the New York Times and Chicago Times crossword puzzles that are on the back page of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Forum section.  Between the two puzzles is a bridge column.  Somebody told me cards are evil, but I like to play (I'll just do it 'til I need glasses...), and I haven't played bridge for a few years, but I do enjoy reading the columns.  These are disappointing revelations, I suppose, but that's who I really am.  If you like to do puzzles and need help, you can call me.  Not to copunsel you about how to get free from your puzzle addiction.  I'll help you solve the puzzle, if I can.  Even if you don't do puzzles, you can call.  We'll talk about something else.
I'm working on a puzzle, and it's about you.  Really. Well, here's the definition:
God's desire for you.
And here's what we have, so far:
A four letter word, second letter O, fourth letter E.  Anyone have the answer.  You in the red chair, with the plaid shirt.  What's the answer?  No. 
That's a good try, but LOVE is not the correct answer.  Yes, the lady in the...what color is that, I'm slightly color blind, beige?  Okay, what is the answer?
HOPE ?  Nope, it's not hope.  That's a very good guess, but it's not the right answer. All right, I think someone's got it now.  Who raised their hand first?  Okay, Bob from Oregon.  Figures, you'd know.  Now I suppose I have to give you a prize, right?  Okay, this is crazy, but I will record a song this fall, and introduce it by saying: "This song is for Bob from Oregon."  Is that a prize or what?  Sorry, I can't give you a Valmy Thomas rookie card...
Before I tell you the answer, I'd like to share a song, and the answer is in the song:
I will be there for you/ When you need a hand to hold on to/ When you need a place where you can cry/ You can always come to Me/ You are My heart's delight/ You are precious in My sight/ And I want to give to you/ All the love your heart can hold
This song may be accessed at:  www.MyDaddyLovesMe.org. It is track #10, on 'Pink or Blue?'
And the answer is: God's desire for you COME
He wants you to come to Him so He can ease your pain and fill you with His love, surround you with His peace, and overwhelm you with His joy.
He's reaching out to you, at this very moment.  I want to encourage you to come.  Come to Him.  Don't make Him wait.  You're the one He wants.  Come to Him.
If you want to share this message with someone for any reason at all, go ahead.  I've got to go now, because my Daddy is beckoning and I'm being drawn to Him.  Resistance is impossible.  Be blessed!
--David Benrexi

If you've been blessed by this message share it with someone else.  If you haven't, call 412-727-2526 for a prompt refund, no questions asked.  We love you, although we don't always know how to express it.  God loves you most of all.  Rejoice!

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