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What Is A Visionary?

September 1, 2003
Email: David Benrexi

Hello beloved readers,

I hope each one of you is having a wonderful day.  I have been relaxing like  you're supposed to do on Labor Day, putting off until tomorrow assorted tasks  that are calling me to tackle them.  I'm keenly aware that God loves me and  that I don't have to prove I'm not lazy any more.  I made breakfast for my  girlfriend today, Jo Benrexi.  It was French Toast, or what some call Freedom  Toast, but personally I don't expect every other country to want to go to war with  us.  Anyway, I have a friend who teaches math at one of the local schools, and  he was stopped at the Pittsburgh airport recently and detained because he was  carrying a compass, ruler, and protractor.  The authorities charged him with  attempting to transport weapons of math instruction.

Last year in January, I decided to leave the Teen Challenge ministry and  pursue the vision God had established in my heart.  It seems like nowadays, you  need to give everything a name and explain yourself over and over again.  I  asked God to help me write the vision down for Zephaniah 3:17 Ministries (Does  that sound more impressive than "My Life"?), and I wrote it down in some detail,  and looked at it often for three months while I continued to work at Teen  Challenge.  Jo and I left at the end of April and moved into the house where we  live now in the little town of Tarentum.

In the final three months at Teen Challenge I was very diligent to give my  employer quality work and seek to be at peace with my co-workers.  I knew I  could never accomplish God's goals for my life with all the responsibilities that  job entailed, and I knew God had only brought me there for a season.  It was a  wonderful time in our life, but I'm glad it's over.

Now I don't have a job.  I have a calling, and I'm walking in it, and seeking  to be faithful to live the life I'm called to live and obey my Lord as He leads and guides me.

I want to share a word He spoke to my heart in March of last year, while I  was still in the Teen Challenge ministry.  I consider it to be the most important prophetic message I received last year.

A visionary is a dreamer that I connect with the right people.

I wrote it down.  I shared it with my wife.  I meditated on it often.  I only  shared this word with a handful of people, as God directed me.  Tonight I am  sharing it with a few hundred people, through this newsletter, because He  wants me to share it with you.

I believe when we receive a prophetic word from God, it is life-changing, and  always in a positive way.  His word to me about visionaries and dreamers has  helped me and encouraged me.  It creates a sense of expectation.  Now  expectation is like a two-edged sword.  We expect some things to happen and they  don't.  We expect people to do certain things or they expect us to do something,  and then disappointment comes when it doesn't happen.  What I'm learning is to  expect something good to come from loving God and listening to Him and obeying  Him and believing Him.  That is the expectation that makes everything I do a  joy.  You see, I'm literally expecting God to do something good right now,  because I love Him, I listen to Him, I obey Him, and I believe Him.  That's a BIG  payoff to know something good will happen (Romans 8:28).

In our world where false humility is seen as such a virtue--Oh, I'm just a  rotten old sinner saved by grace-- I'm willing to take the heat if some people are offended that I believe all my sins are washed away and that I can be a  holy person just by giving my life to my Lord on a moment by moment basis.  The  way to be holy is obey that command to be holy.  Don't say, "No, I can't be.   You can't make me!!!"

I find myself wanting to pray for people who have been robbed of their  vision.  Satan wants them to think they failed God.  He wants to put his lies on  their skin like a cattle is branded.  If the brand says "failure" or "loser" be  assured that's who satan is, not who you are.  God has given you a vision for  your life and He wants you to walk in it.  He will connect you with all the  right people.  He also will give you discernment to shield your mind from the  self-defeating thoughts that many well-meaning people will unwittingly speak into  your life.

If God has given you a vision, write it down and share it with someone who  loves you and has faith.  If you don't know what God has created you to do, ask  Him, and He will answer.  Then, write it down, etc and all that jazz.

I want to thank God for connecting me to many wonderful brothers and sisters.   With a family like this, failure is unthinkable.  I love and appreciate you,  and as always I welcome you into my life and look forward to hearing from  you.  Here's a song from our second CD.  You'll hear my dear friend Tim Daniel on  the clarinet at the end.  It's song #10 on 'Draw Near to God'.  You'll find  it at    www.MyDaddyLovesMe.org

I want to give You tears of joy my LORD/ I want to give You tears of joy my  LORD/ I want to give You all of my heart/ All of my mind and all of my  strength/ My LORD/ My LORD/ I want to give You all of my heart/ All of my mind and all  of my strength/ My LORD/ My LORD

I want to know You in all Your holiness/ I want to lay my life down at Your  feet/ At Your feet/ I want to lay my life down at Your feet/ Give You my hopes/  And give You all of my dreams/ All of my dreams/ I want to lay my life down  at Your feet/ Give You my hopes/ And give You all of my dreams/ All of my dreams

If anyone is interested in helping us to reach more pregnant young women with  a powerful message of God's love, we have unlimited opportunities available.   Just write or call if you'd like to know more.  It's an exciting project you  can read about at our web-page.  I'll be posting more about the ministry  opportunities very soon.  If God wants to connect us, it's for something good!!!!

Please feel free to share this message with someone else.  If it helps or  amuses you I'm glad.  If you didn't like it, you don't have to tell me, because I'm very sensitive.  You can if you want.  If you need prayer, I'll pray for  you.  Need someone to talk to, I'll give you my ears. Just remember, God loves  you and I love you, too.

--David Benrexi

If you've been blessed by this message share it with someone else.  If you haven't, call 412-727-2526 for a prompt refund, no questions asked.  We love you, although we don't always know how to express it.  God loves you most of all.  Rejoice!

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