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It's A Beautiful Day!

November 25, 2003
Email: David Benrexi

I'd like to share a song the Lord gave me right after Thanksgiving five years ago. It came right after an eye exam. Back in 1993 my annual exam revealed a small aneurism in my right eye. I had been getting my eyes checked every year since being diagnosed with diabetes back in 1989. This was the first time that any damage had been found, and naturally Jo and I were concerned. The following year, not only did I have the aneurism, but now the doctor also found diabetic retinopathy, which means bleeding, and also macular degeneration, which is the leading cause of blindness for people with diabetes. I was assured by the doctor that none of these problems were serious, and that they could be corrected with surgery in most cases. His advice was to have it checked annually, but call if I was having vision problems. For the next few years there was not much change. In 1997, because of changing jobs and relocating, I didn't have an eye exam. When we went to a doctor in New Kensington in 1998, he had not seen me before and we didn't tell him my history. Both Jo and I were somewhat apprehensive and our prayer was that the condition would not require surgery. My vision had become somewhat worse, but I had bought cheap reading glasses that seemed to help.

When you get an eye exam for people with diabetes, they start out by putting a solution in your eyes that causes them to dilate. It always makes me slightly nauseous. Then they make you put your chin on a bar and take a picture. The flashbulb seems to explode your brain and you can hardly see anything for the next hour or two. They give you the cheapest pair of sunglasses ever so you can drive home. The first time I tried it I drove about five miles an hour. After that, I always brought Jo with me to drive me home. In early December of 1998, the doctor took a picture of my eyes and Jo and I sat in the examination room for about twenty minutes wondering about the outcome. It was a wonderful time in our life with many blessings. We refused to worry about my eyes, but it seemed an awfully long wait.

Finally the doctor came in and showed us a picture that looked like two basketballs. It was a picture of two eyeballs, and he was pointing to different parts and saying what they were. Since there was no aneurism, retinopathy, or macular degeneration, both Jo and I assumed that this was a picture of what eyes were supposed to look like. We both thought the doctor would at any moment produce the picture of my eyes and tell me whether things had gotten any worse, and if surgery might be necessary. After describing all the different parts of the eye, the doctor said, "So you can see that everything looks just fine. We can prescribe some better reading glasses for your farsightedness, and other than that, you're good for another year."

Well, I'm known as a fairly demonstrative, emotional type of guy, and we could have started jumping up and down shouting "Hallelujah!!" But, Jo and I were both so stunned by this news that neither of us could speak. As we left the office and began the ride home, I confessed to Jo that I hadn't even asked God to heal my eyes. I just hoped they wouldn't be any worse. She then told me how after she had returned from a "healing conference" the previous month, satan had begun to tell her that I would become blind, but that it was a good thing, because more people would know about my music. Refusing to accept satan's curse, Jo had begun laying her hands over my eyes whenever she was awake and I was asleep. She never told me about it until the ride home.

As usual, the photo session had left me barely able to see, but a few hours later, when my vision returned, I was overwhelmed with thanks to the Lord for healing my eyes. I was amazed at how beautiful the different parts of my life looked. I wrote a song, which only recently, I've recorded and begun to share.


It's a beautiful day/ It's a beautiful life/ In a beautiful world/ With my beautiful wife/ With a beautiful daughter/ And a beautiful son/ In a beautiful house/ With a beautiful lawn

There's never been a better day/ To open up your heart/ And experience the beauty/ Of a beautiful GOD

Got a beautiful letter/ From a beautiful friend/ Heard a beautiful song/ Sung by beautiful men/ Drove my beautiful car/ To a beautiful store/ Bought a beautiful gift/ For the one I adore

There's never been a better day/ To open up your heart/ And experience the beauty/ Of a beautiful GOD

You can listen to this song at www.mydaddylovesme.org/cd_wag.html

It's the first of ten songs we recorded in Princeton, Illinois, last month. The new CD is called 'Weekend at Grandma's'. The songs are being mastered currently, but we have the original PRE-MIX soundtrack from Jack Helser's recording studio. We plan to give these CDs away to men and women in prison. Listen to the songs and give us your feedback. Pray for us to be able to share this music, and for God to bless people with it.

We moved last month. Our mailing address is still PO Box 58, Springdale, PA 15144. Our home phone number is 412-727-2526. We love to hear from people. We return all phone calls.

Remember, God loves you/ And He will sustain you/ He leads you to victory/ He will not forsake you/ So stay in His word/ Stay in His love/ Walk in the light and stay/ Under the blood/ Under the blood/ Stay under the blood!!!

--David Benrexi

If you've been blessed by this message share it with someone else.  If you haven't, call 412-727-2526 for a prompt refund, no questions asked.  We love you, although we don't always know how to express it.  God loves you most of all.  Rejoice!

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