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VOL 6 
27 February 2003
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    I don't know all the answers/ But I know Someone Who does/ You see I know JESUS/ And I know His love His love is there every moment/ His eyes are always on me/ I am His beloved/ I know I always will be (repeat chorus)

    He is coming to take me/ To my home in the sky/ To dnce in His presence/ For the rest of my life (repeat chorus)

To listen to this song, go to www.mydaddylovesme.org/cd_pob.html It is track #7 on the 'Pink or Blue?' CD. Hope you visit. Hope you enjoy the song(s).

There's a message in the song, my dear brothers and sisters. We live in a society that exalts certain people for their excellence in certain areas. The most beautiful. The smartest, fastest, strongest, the expert, the officer, the congressman, owner, celebrity, pastor, prophet, inventor, founder, president, chairman. If you fit into one of these categories, the rest of us will listen attentively while you "share" your latest exploits in India, China, Washington, DC, Toronto, Argentina, Ground Zero, Promisekeepers, Women of the Word, etc, etc. If you're a Christian, we'll travel hundreds of miles to hear you talk, and if you're not, we'll send hundreds of e-mails asking people to pray for you. We'll wait in line to buy your book or your CD.

Why? (I don't think I should write anything else until you at least think about what I'm asking. Why should anyone travel hundreds of miles to see me? Why should they send out hundreds of e-mails asking people to pray for me?)

There's probably no reason you'd expect people to go to that bother to hear you speak, but thousands are flocking to keep up with the latest Christian galaxy of stars. Do we really think they have something we don't? We must. Why would we go to all this bother?

I was singing and speaking at a homeless shelter last night in Pittsburgh to about 40 men. Part of their required fare to have a place to stay is to listen to bible teaching and attend chapel services. You can tell some of the guys really hate it. If you could get inside their heads and hear things, it would sound something like:

    "Oh, crap, here we go again.
    Oh joy, tell me about how you have the answers and God's gonna change my life. Right!!
    Man look at him. He probably makes 60 grand just talking about pie in the sky.
I have to tell you, I've seen some very miserable people at this shelter. You could even say they are misery professionals. They are determined to be miserable and stay miserable. But at every meeting there are a few men who wound up there by circumstances such as divorce, lost job, financial catastrophe, who want to do something with their life. They haven't given up, and aren't comfortable being in a homeless shelter. And then, maybe there's one or two who are tired of being a "bum" and making excuses for their life, who really hate what their life has become, who might actually listen to the truth.

I asked this group, "How many have ever played a musical instrument?" About seven or eight hands went up, and I asked them what they played. Drums, guitar, trumpet, piano. Then I asked, "How many have never played an instrument?" About five or six hands went up. I paused and said, " So we have at least 20 people here that can't honestly say they have or have not played an instrument?" I got some funny looks. "I asked if you had ever or never played an instrument, and twenty or more of you can't say whether you have or haven't."

There was a box of hymn books, and we passed them all out, as I promised them, "Don't worry, we're not going to sing any hymns." Probably 5 or 6 refused to take a hymn book. I passed out a few World Book Encyclopedia volumes, because there weren't enough hymn books.

I held up a hymn book and started tapping my hand against it. I said, "If you're miserable today, it's not my fault. If you're miserable now, you were miserable before I got here, and you'll be miserable well after I leave. I've got good news for you. You don't have to be miserable. God loves you. Yeah. That's right. God loves..........YOU!!!!

Then I started pounding a rhythm on the hymn book and singing it out. "I don't have to be miserable. I don't have to be miserable. I don't have to be miserable. Because God loves me."

Now, I could have taught a bible lesson, and in fact before I left they knew about how Jacob deceived Isaac, Laban deceived Jacob, Joseph was sold into slavery, Potiphar's wife had Joseph thrown into the slammer, Joseph became governor of Egypt, and all kinds of good stuff. The thing that registered, however, was this: God really, really, really, really, really, really, really loves those guys. Because He lives in me, I am a partaker of His love for those guys, which means I can hug a man even if he smells bad, and not feel like some kind of great humanitarian.

I don't ask guys to close their eyes and say a sinner's prayer. I tell them that God loves them, and He will respond to the cries of their heart if they cry out to Him. The important thing is that some of the guys believe me. They know I'm speaking from my heart.

There was a lot of teaching going around in the eighties about how you move up the ranks in the local church. As a new believer, you must be willing to clean the toilets, then you can be an usher, and eventually an elder, or maybe, just maybe, go to school and enter the FIVEFOLD Ministry...

Some would say my ministry to the homeless is a sign of humility and if I keep at it, with a good attitude of course, God will PROMOTE me. Please excuse me if I vomit...

I don't want a promotion. It's a privilege to go where I went last night and do what I did. I'll be back next week loving those guys. They need it! Wow, it sure got quiet...

Zephaniah 3:17 Ministries is looking for one or two people who are interested in speaking out for the unborn at local churches in their area. If you are one of these people please contact us. You will receive training, encouragement, and even get paid.

Jo and I thank everyone who has encouraged us in our ministry, and also those who haven't for showing us our need to grow.

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