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Are you called to minister in music?

Weigh your call and be settled that it is from the Lord. If He is leading you in this direction, He will provide EVERYTHING you need to expand His kingdom through music. You do not need fame and fortune to expand His kingdom. You can start right away. Don did a very small concert years ago in Wyoming. Less than 50 people were there. Just a few months ago, a man named Pat Kline came to Don’s home. He is the founder of Asian Vision, a ministry which has led multiplied thousands to the Lord. Pat told Don that he had given his life to Jesus at that concert in Wyoming. That is the Lord’s economy. Music ministry has NOTHING to do with big crowds, big contracts and big money. It has everything to do with your willingness to hear God and follow him. Do not hunt for a recording deal with a big company. This advice comes not only from our experience, but also from years of hearing the experiences of many, many well-known musicians. We cannot stress this enough: The big companies’ primary orientation is financial. This is a priority that does not mix with the expansion of God’s kingdom. Being contractually bound to an entity with goals that actually oppose yours can bring things to a halt or cause you to compromise. God has called you to have a ministry-- others can push you to have a career. Big companies will spend a lot on publicity for you. You may get bigger faster, but it will cost you dearly-- in ways you can’t imagine. God, if you’ll let Him, will expand your ministry slowly, with your best interests in mind your faith grows. Your ministry will be well grounded and lifelong. You might not be rich quick, but you will have something much better... “The blessing of the Lord makes one rich and He adds no sorrow with it.” Let your gift make a way for you. You do not need to seek approval from men. Many in the music industry judge music solely by what they perceive is it’s salability. It may not help to submit your material to “experts” either: When he was young, Don was told by his music teacher that he had no talent whatsoever and that further lessons would waste his parents money! If you are called by God and anointed by His Spirit, you will have many opportunities.

Concerts are where things begin. They are literally where the rubber (and you) meet the road! It is best to record after doing many successful concerts. You will have your songs down and you will know which ones are good. You will hear people begin to ask for a recording to take home. Nobody wants 1000 CDs sitting in their garage because they won’t sell. Let people know where they can contact you, or you them, when you recording is ready. With regard to recording your songs, there are many creative options. There are project studios in abundance that have low and/or negotiable rates. Even better, if you have the aptitude and desire, you should purchase your own recording equipment. Either way, it is possible to put together a great sounding custom project for less than the price of a good used car.

Open your own publishing company, if you are a singer/songwriter. Never sign a song away to a “publishing company” that is associated with a record company-- you will have to pay to use your own songs for the rest of your life. Keep your publishing and your recorded masters in your own barn. They are your future, don’t lose them! A publishing company can be set up through ASCAP or BMI, and it is not expensive or difficult to do. Both of these companies have websites.... check them out. If you are strictly a writer and want to have your works performed by other artists, you’ll have to dig a lot deeper than we can here.

Be your own record label. By keeping the ownership of every aspect of your music ministry, you protect your freedom to follow the Lord. This is vital to the longevity of a ministry. Choose a creative name for your labeland print it on your recordings. When things begin to grow, hire people you know who love the Lord to help you with the various organizational aspects of your ministry. We have good friends who help us with correspondence, travel, concerts, our finances and book keeping, web orders and so on...besides that, we pray and dream together. Don't underestimate the financial side of your ministry. Think big and get ready for God to bless you! When God blesses a music ministry with abundant finances, it becomes possible to give into all sorts of Kingdom endeavors. This is the most exciting part of having any business. A successful music ministry is a double blessing because it is a ministry itself, and it can give into other ministries. Also, as you travel, you will come into contact with other ministries, and outreaches that you would love to support. Your heart and desire for giving will grow. We are a part of an amazing worldwide body. That is why it is important to have your ducks in a row. Money isn't bad, the love of it is. In Jesus we are already wealthy beyond our wildest dreams... money is no big deal whether it is a lot or a little, it's all His anyway!

We recommend this model of music ministry because it is very satisfying and fulfilling. It allows the ministry to grow according to God’s timing and your faith. It allows your ministry to be an outgrowth of the Lord’s work in your life, which is what it should be. ..............................................Sing to the Lord a new song!!!!!!!!!!!!

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