(for Friends of Pink or Blue)
Volume 4

August 1, 2003

What does it mean to be pro-life?  What does the word pro-life mean?  If you are pro-life does that mean you are anti-choice? 

Have you noticed that there are currently at least three judicial nominees who are the subject of senate filibusters?  Miguel Estrada, Priscilla Owen, and David Pryor are all perceived as anti-abortion, and therefore not fit to serve on a higher court.  Should I raise my voice in outrage with the many speaking opportunities that I have in local churches?

I have come to the sad conclusion, and this goes back to 1981, less than a year after I trusted Jesus Christ to save my soul, that the United States is a wicked nation.  Now I donít mean that her thoughts are only evil all the time, as it was said of humanity prior to the flood (Genesis 6:5).  What I do believe is that a nation that sanctions the killing of the unborn has lost its way.

I believe with all my heart that the Lord will bring an end to abortion.  I believe if America repents and turns from this evil God will forgive and heal.  If America refuses to turn from this evil, it will be the end of America as a sovereign nation.

I explained in last monthís newsletter that the church is responsible to speak out for the protection of the unborn, but that the church is not to blame for the prevalence of abortion.  I believe the church is doing a lot, but we need to do more.  I believe it is time for the leaders of churches, the pastors in particular, to exhort those who look to them for guidance and wisdom to make praying for the protection of the unborn a daily and weekly prayer focus.  Itís time to give the unborn the same attention and respect we give our military troops.  They are certainly equal in the eyes of God.

Getting back to the question, do I have a pulpit to state my beliefs that I have just shared?  In a sense, I do.  My calendar is filled with speaking and singing engagements.  However, God has not raised me up to speak against abortion or to tell people to hold the United States accountable for permitting the slaughter of innocent lives.  What He has called me to do is give CDs away to pregnancy care centers, and I will be faithful to do that as long as He wants me to.

I feel that I have learned a lot about Godís heart concerning the unborn.  That is what I want to continue to learn.  The battle of words that has been going on for over thirty years is not a battle I am called to join.  One of the bumper stickers I make available when I share about the ĎPink or Blue?í project says: I LOVE CHILDREN--BORN AND UNBORN.  Thatís my message.  CHILDREN ARE A GIFT FROM GOD reads the bumper of my 1987 Volvo.  LIFE IS PRECIOUS says my 1995 Hyundai.

Fall is coming soon with many conventions and banquets, and the amazing experience Iíve had sharing these CDs the past year will go largely unnoticed, while the "Pro-Life Movement" has its own cast of luminaries that will be the guests of honor.  I donít crave attention or despise someone else receiving it.  Most, if not all of the people who will be honored are very deserving of praise and honor.  However, it is sad to me to see how totally absorbed people can become with their own ministry, even to the point of being too busy serving God to seek God. 

Iím always reminded that Jesus said: "By this shall all men know ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another."

I am grateful to all of you who are reading this message.  I only send it to people who have made a genuine contribution, whether financial or otherwise, to the ĎPink or Blue?í Project.  I wanted to share some of my private views that do not constitute my message to the local churches.  My message to the local churches is basically good news: 1. You can make a difference. 2. God loves and forgives. 3. Prayer changes things. 4. God can speak to any heart through music. 5. Help us give away more CDs (please!).

It is my belief that a ĎPink or Blue?í CD given with genuine love to a young woman in crisis, tells her she is important.  When she listens to the music, God knows she is listening and He is there to touch her as she does.  Thatís basically it, folks.

>From time to time we all need to take a look at what weíre doing and ask ourselves, "Am I being obedient to God?" 

I know that your heartís desire is to please God and be in the center of His will.  From time to time, I have gotten off course, sometimes a little, some times completely.  As Iíve learned to trust Him more and more, I find my safety in seeking to know His will moment by moment and day by day.  I may not always see the tangible results that make me look like Iím successful, and you may not either.  We only need to trust Him and be faithful. 

Hereís a little song that I enjoy sharing once in a while.  Imagine a harmonica and country music style:

When Grandma was a young lady/ She could sing like an angel/ Now she falls asleep in front of her TV/ She says you canít trust anyone/ The kids got no respect/ She wishes things were the way they used to be

Chorus: Itís just a weekend at Grandmaís/ Soon youíll sleep in your own bed/ So letís be sweet to Grandma now/ And do as Jesus said/ This life will soon be over/ So donít fret about today/ Itís just a weekend at Grandmaís anyway

Sometimes Grandma gets crabby/ When sheís tired sheís no fun/ She hollers that the kids get on her nerves/ And sheís always interruptiní/ With whininí and complaints/ And she says her arthritis is gettiní worse (chorus)

Honestly, beloved, I wish there were more encouragers in our midst, but all I can do is do what I can to try to encourage you!  If Iím not getting through remember what the song says:  This life will soon be over/ So donít fret about today/ Itís just a weekend at Grandmaís anyway

Keep serving the Lord with gladness, and be of good cheer.  You are making a difference!

David Benrexi
Zephaniah 3:17 

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