Pink or Blue?
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In 1996, a woman from Memphis named Sherry Jones wrote a poem called "Pink or Blue?": 

My child I'm only seventeen/ I don't know what to do/ I hope that you will understand/ Why I can't keep you/ You see I'm not married/ And you were a mistake/ You were conceived in the back of a car/ While on a blind date/ Your father's not much older/ And we are both in school/ I don't feel that I should pay/ Because we both were fools/ My child I don't have a job/ And neither does your dad/ But just thinking about abortion/ Really makes me sad/ They say you're not really a child/ That you are just a mass/ That I should abort you/ And all these feelings will pass/ My child tell me are you real?/ Child tell me what to do/ If I decide to keep you/ Would you wear pink or blue?/ Would I get to hold you?/ Would I see your smiling face?/ Child what would you do/ If you were in my place?

Mom I'm not in your place/ I can't tell you what to do/ But you've asked me some questions/ So I will answer you/ Yes Mom I'm really real/ Though I did not ask to be/ Now it seems the question is/ What will do with me?/ I pray I'll get to know you/ And you'll hold me in your arms/ You'll tuck me into bed at night/ And protect me from harm/ We'll play ring around the roses/ And hide and seek too/ Mom don't you understand?/ I'm just as real as you/ I'm all soft and cuddly/ And I have rosy cheeks/ But I can't tell you what to do/ It's God's wisdom you must seek/ You see Mom I'm not a mass/ No matter what they think/ And just in case you're wondering/ I'd be wearing pink

In 1997, Sherry met a musician named David Benrexi in Nashville and shared this poem. He put it to music and forgot about it. In September of 2001, the Creator of the universe, spoke to David's heart telling him to record "Pink or Blue?". (Click HERE to listen to "Pink or Blue"). In June of 2002, seven musicians came together in Rochester, PA, to fulfill that command. They recorded ten songs for the purpose of sharing God's limitless love with young, pregnant women. 

The collection of songs, "Pink or Blue?", reveals poignantly that unborn life is a blessing, not a curse, that God loves each child, even before it is born, and that He has a purpose for creating that life. God loves every woman who is struggling with the reality of being pregnant. He wants each one to know that He will be there for her every step of the way. 

These CD's are being distributed free of charge by the thousands at crisis pregnancy centers around the country. All this is made possible by the concern and generosity of God's people. A booklet, "Pink or Blue?--You Can Make a Difference," explains how you can partner with us in your area to minister life to these young women and their babies. For more information, contact David or Jo Benrexi at P.O.Box 58, Springdale, PA 15144. Call us at 412-727-2526 or e-mail us using the button below. 

The secular world has done an excellent job of convincing women that the words "choice" and "women?s rights" apply to the fate of the unborn child. As children of God we need to counter this message with the truth of the gospel. But the message must be presented in a format that effectively reaches an audience hardened by worldly thinking. Enter David Benrexi. Several months ago, David contacted me to share his vision for a music ministry targeting abortion-minded women. As the director of a Christian ministry and pregnancy care center, I welcomed his offer of a free case of CDs for distribution to our clients. The majority are single women in the 19-24 age range. Many face decisions regarding unplanned pregnancies without a saving relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ or knowledge of the gospel. Through music, David gently encourages the listener to think about the sacredness of life, while offering a message of love and hope to those who have made choices contrary to God?s will. David is using his musical gifts to glorify God. In my conversations with him, his love for Jesus Christ and commitment to this ministry are evident. He has committed his time and resources to this project, supplying "Pink or Blue?? CDs to pregnancy centers around the nation. I encourage you to support David Benrexi in working to save lives and families in this country to the glory of God.

---Marilyn Mori,
ARK Family Resource Center, Belle Vernon, PA

Mindful of music's penetrating influence on the human heart, I look forward to the fruitful impact Zephaniah 3:17 Ministries? "Pink or Blue?" CD project will have on confused teen mothers who are struggling with an unplanned pregnancy. Indeed "Pink or Blue?" is a valuable tool for America's crisis pregnancy centers to share free of charge with their clients. For many unwed teens, "Pink or Blue?" will bring immediate understanding, hope for the future, and abiding devotion to their once unwanted child. As a result, children will escape the abortionist's cold, steel instruments, and God will be glorified.

---Royce Dunn,
Founder of Life Chain and President of Please Let Me Live

I have listened to "Pink or Blue?" and am impressed. This can be a very useful new pro-life tool, especially for an unmarried young woman.

 --- J. C. Willke,
MD, President of Life Issues Institute

Thank you for the work you are doing on behalf of pregnant young women and their pre-born children. We will pray for God's continued blessings on this ministry. It is also our prayer that the Holy Spirit will use this music to touch hearts and change lives. We will make every attempt to distribute the CDs to all who are willing to listen to it. Thank you again for your work.

---Cristal Evans,
Director, Life-Way Pregnancy Clinic, Latrobe, PA

Is Abortion Murder?

The story is told of a mother who stepped into a doctor's office while carrying a one year old baby. Seating herself near the physician, she said, "Doctor, I want you to help me out of trouble. My baby is only one year old, and I have conceived again. Surely, you understand what I do not want to have children so close together."

"What do you expect me to do?" asked the physician.

"Oh, anything to get rid of it for me," she replied.

After thinking for a moment, the doctor said, "I can suggest a better method of helping you. If you object to having two children so near together, the best way would be to kill the one on your lap, and it makes no difference to me which one I kill. Besides, it might be dangerous for you if I undertook to kill the younger one."

As the doctor finished speaking, he reached for a knife and asked the mother to lay the baby out on her lap and turn her head. At that moment, the woman almost fainted away, before rising from her chair and screaming, "Murderer!"

A few words of explanation from the doctor soon convinced the young mother that his offer to kill her one year old was no worse than her request for the destruction of her unborn child. Either way, it would be equivalent to murder. The only difference would be in the age of the child. ***by Royce Dunn, President "Please Let me Live" (Life-chain People)

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