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Volume 5

September 11, 2003

Today, a lot of people are holding their breath wondering what the enemy is going to do next.  I know what he’s going to do.  Kill unborn life, while luring our youth into sexual "freedom" that comes with a great price-tag.  But, it’s buy now--pay later.  Grab all the gusto you can, because you only go around once, and you deserve a break today, so have it your way.  Never has it been more important for our youth to look sexy and be attractive.  Three years ago, Jo and I walked through the blue-light district in Amsterdam, at our host’s insistence.  We saw women in their underwear showcasing their sexuality in windows, looking for customers.  I asked the Lord, "Please keep my heart clean that I would not be enticed to think wickedly."  In our ten day tour of Germany and Holland, I saw more "skin" than I normally see in five years.  Fortunately, it went in one eye and out the other.  But, while I deliberately choose to lead a sheltered life, our youth are exposed almost constantly to these images designed to arouse their desire to "do it".  The provocative dress of both sexes these days shows how far our culture has slidden.  I’m reminded of Balaam, who when he could not curse God’s people, advised the heathen king, Balak, to introduce his young women to Israel’s young men, and see if that didn’t help. (Revelation 2:14)

What can we do?

Here’s an answer you might not expect.  I don’t know.  I do know that this is a spiritual battle, and that the weapons of our warfare are not carnal weapons.  I know that we need to pray and listen for God’s voice.  We need to hear from Him and do as He leads us.  We can commit to our cause (which is good), but we need to beware, lest we become blinded by our cause.  Satan would have us become finger-pointing blame-gamers, and he would especially like us to blame the church for the evil in our society that he himself inspires and oversees.  I have spoken with several who say, "The church needs to do more."  While, I would not argue with that statement, we need to see if our attitude has become negative because of our cause not receiving the attention we would like to see it get.  The bible way is to be thankful all the time.  (I Thessalonians 5:18)  Definitely, it seems impossible, but through our God, we can do it, and to do less is to fall short of God’s standard for our life.  Believe me, I know it’s hard, and the longer you’ve been in this the harder it could be.  But at the same time, with experience comes knowledge, and from God comes wisdom, so we do have a lot to be thankful for, don’t we.

August was an incredibly active month for me, with nineteen speaking/singing engagements and more finances flowing into the ministry than ever before.  We added eleven more participating centers, plus two more since September 1st, and we will give out cartons of CDs to four more centers in the next two weeks. We will be ordering 1000 more CDs very soon, also.  We have been going into larger population centers in the past month, including Salt Lake City, Baltimore, Richmond, Raleigh, New Orleans, Waco, Albuquerque, Wichita, Memphis, Indianapolis, and Wichita.

The highlight of the month for me was visiting Hope House, a maternity home in Pottsville, about 260 miles to the east of Pittsburgh.  Here I met the director and four young women who live there with their newborn babies.  The women had all listened to ’Pink or Blue?’ and treated me like a celebrity.  I sang for them for almost an hour, and what a joy it was to experience God’s love for them as I sang.  They had a thousand questions it seemed and I was very blessed to answer them.  I think we could have stayed up all night sharing music and fellowship, but I knew, by the guidance of the Holy Spirit, when it was time to leave.  I asked these lovely young ladies, Rosalina, Tiffany, Katrina, and Naomi, if I could pray for husbands for each of them.  They were pleased to tell me to go ahead.  Praying for them was pure joy.  It was just amazing to experience the love of God that Marietta and Hermelt Montalvo have pored into these lives and so many others . THANK YOU LORD, FOR LETTING ME BE PART OF THIS.

Sisters and brothers, don’t grow weary of doing well.

I was thinking about an old Dr. Seuss story, "Horton Hears a Who."  Maybe some of you remember it.  Horton’s this elephant that finds this daisy or flower and is about to stomp on it when he hears a tiny voice begging him to stop. He pulls the flower close to his ear and he hears the voice.  It turns out there’s a little city of tiny people living on this flower, so he protects it. Everyone thinks he’s crazy and tries to take the flower from him, but he keeps saying: "I meant what I said, and I said what I meant.  A person’s a person, one hundred per cent."

Pray that those around you would have ears to hear.  Pray for me, once in a while.  And be thankful.

God loves you, and I do, too.  You are making a difference!

David Benrexi
Zephaniah 3:17 

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