(for Friends of Pink or Blue)
Volume 6

26 February 2004

"I Just Wish They'd Had This When I Was Sixteen"

I give thanks to all of you for the commitment you've made to speak out for the unborn and to reach out to the precious young women who find themselves looking for answers when faced with an unplanned pregnancy. During this past year we've experienced victories and in most cases, we've dealt with frustrations and discouragements. Do you ever feel a little down, because it seems at times that the unborn and their right to live just aren't a priority in this nation or even in the church? Do you sometimes feel the people you sacrifice your time and energy to serve don't appreciate you?

Believe me, I have found myself at times wondering why do I bother? Asking myself if the songs I share are having anywhere near the impact I thought they would have when I first surrendered to God's command to record 'Pink or Blue?' Some days after speaking to a lot of answering machines and gatekeepers I have found myself leaning toward the slippery slope of self-pity.

Please forgive me, Lord!!!!!

Sunday morning I had meetings at 8:15, 9:30, and 11:00 at three small United Methodist Churches near Blairsville, a town about forty miles to the east of Pittsburgh. Through the week, God had been drawing me closer to Him, reassuring me of His love and of His calling on my life to share music free of charge with whomsoever He might ask me to. Rejoicing in His goodness and His wisdom, I shared songs and the heart of this outreach to responsive gatherings all morning.

It was at the second church in a town called Hopewell where I stood at a little table as people came after church to donate to our ministry and receive booklets, CDs, and bumper stickers. After the initial surge of people, who gave both monetarily and with kind, encouraging words, there came a very pretty young woman, probably in her late twenties. She pulled out her checkbook and asked me who she should make a check out to, and I told her. She then handed me a check that was about five times more than I would have guessed, and I, being a spill-your-guts kind of person, said, "Wow! You really blow my mind!"

She looked at me for a moment, and said, "I just wish they'd had this when I was sixteen." She proceeded to tell me, with tears running down her face, how she had become pregnant in high school, and at her parents' urging, had undergone an abortion. More than ten years later, she still ached in her heart for the child she never knew. I knew that our message had comforted her, and I knew beyond all doubt that the music would bring even more comfort later on.

The love that God has for young women like her was bubbling so powerfully in my heart I too needed to grab a tissue. As I drove home a few hours later, I asked God to forgive me for ever complaining about the things I go through. I thanked Him for letting me see one of the hearts He'd touched with our musical message.

Dear friend and co-laborer with Christ, let us be thankful for every opportunity to share His love with a person in need.

We have been able to give away 4000 'Pink or Blue?' CDs since October 2002. We have one or more pregnancy care centers in all fifty states that are sharing these songs with young women. Here in Pennsylvania, we currently have fourteen centers, and hope to double that number by year's end. Also, we are targeting the six states surrounding PA, and hope to visit all six this year.

So many people share in the fruit of this ministry of compassion. It's every person that chooses to reach out and express God's love to a hurting world.

If you're involved with a pregnancy care center, we salute the important work you're doing. If you are involved with a local church, helping to open people's eyes, we are with you. If you are a musician who has surrendered your life and talents for God's use, we bless you.

We hope to visit many of you this year. If you know someone who would like to become involved with this ministry as a volunteer, we certainly have plenty of work to do! It's exciting!

Here's a song, our women sang on the CD that will bless you. I have seen the lives of our musicians change in marvellous ways over the last few years. We are grateful for the opportunity to share our love for the Lord through the power of music, and even more that God would share His love for you through the songs. Be blessed!!!!!

O Lord/ Can You hear my heart?/ O Lord/ Can You hear it crying out?/ O My Lord/ O My Lord/ Can You hear my heart?

My heart is crying out/ To be where You are/ For I am nothing without You/ My heart is crying out/ To be with You alone/ For only You can satisfy me

O My Lord/ O My Lord/ Can You hear my heart?

To one and all, remember how much God loves you. Receive His kisses from heaven every day.

David Benrexi
Zephaniah 3:17 

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