by Undrai & Bridget Fizer

    I want you to know something. God will never have a problem loving us. There is nothing that we can do to make Him love us more than He does now. He wants to love us. His love for us caused us to be formed "before the foundation of the world." He loves you regardless of the sins of the past, present, and even the future. He's already proved it by allowing Himself to die.

    The issue with destiny and purpose, however, have nothing to do with Love. (well, not solely). Our embracing of God's Word within us will cause certain "transitions" and "consequences" in our natural and spiritual life. The circumstances surrounding destiny's fulfillment have everything to do with our "trust towards God" and His love for us.

    Do we trust God? Do we feel that He has our best interests at heart and that He doesn't want to hurt us? Have we defined His Love towards us "by the present set of circumstances" surrounding us? We love Him, yes. But will we "trust" Him during the consequences that believing Him will bring? Does God have the confidence to "release" you into seasons of life that may produce "temporary discomfort?" Does God have confidence in, not your love towards Him, but your trust "in" Him, "after" you have obeyed Him (and now face "turbulent issues" because of it)?

    Our "anointing" does not cause God to love us more or less. Our "prophetic presentation" will not cause God to love me more or less. My trust in Him during this "journey of our love together" will reveal to Him the "depth" of my faith and commitment to the purpose.

    My wife and I have been in trying, natural circumstances in our pursuit of God's purposes in life. We have faced many issues, so many we cannot count. Our love for one another was never questioned. However, I have asked her "if she was alright" during the times of these transitions. I wanted to know the stability of her mind as it related to the consequences we were facing at the time. I wanted to know if her belief in God (and me) were still the same. I wanted to be sure that she did not "define our relationship" by the negative environment we were in.

    Purpose is like that with God. Purpose will lead you into "negative" and "turbulent" seasons in life. But your faith and trust in the Voice of God will determine the depth of your belief in Him. It will determine the strength of your connection and intimacy to His Word.

    *NOTE: It is hard to persuade others to have faith and an established mind in "purposed circumstances" when there is no trust there. Love is one thing, but trust is another. In order for there to be peace and a "flow" in various seasons of life, there must be an established "trust in the journey that love has birthed."

    Knowing your destiny "will not" make God love you more. "Not knowing" your purpose will not make God love you less. Embracing purpose, through the Word however, will create an in depth trust towards God, and reveal various expressions of His Nature to you. You will discover what it is like to have "faith and trust" in Him, transcending the negativity of life and the consequences of belief.

    Purpose will help you to not equate how God feels about you "by the craziness" that is going on around you. You will not feel that God "has something against you" when things go "crazy." You "know" that you love God.

    But are you yet "trusting" Him, even though His love has seemingly placed you in a "jam?" (ouch)

    Undrai and Bridget Fizer, publishers


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    DOMINION 2003

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