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25 January 2003
Greetings beloved family.

I hope everyone is basking in the Son-shine. I want to share a dream I had about a year and a half ago. It was very vivid and graphic. I believe the LORD inspired the dream and gave me the interpretation.

Now, I pray that He will speak to your heart and that you will draw closer and closer to Him as He does.

In my dream I was in a hotel which had a sitting room between two long hallways. As I was walking through the sitting room I saw a young man walking down the corridor about fifty feet ahead of me.

Suddenly two figures appeared on either side of him. They wore black hoods and were completely covered in black cloth. One grabbed the man's left arm. The other grabbed his right and they rushed down to the end of the corridor and took him forcibly into the last room on the left.

Instinctively I began to run down the corridor. As they slammed the door, I could supernaturally see that the two abductors had slammed the man onto a bed and wrapped a large chain around his middle and poured gasoline on him. Just as one lit a match and set the man on fire, I charged up to the door. Knowing it was locked, I kicked it down. Seeing a burning man on a burning bed, I wondered momentarily how I might rescue him.

The two hooded figures came charging at me making hideous noises. I pointed my finger at them and they both went flying backwards. As they crashed into the wall, they both disintegrated.

I charged up to the bed which was engulfed in flames. I lifted my right hand and gave a karate-like chop to the chain that held the young man captive. As soon as I touched it, it split in half. The young man jumped to his feet. As soon as he stood up, all the flames went out. There was only a small fire. It was the hair on top of his head. After a few seconds, it went out with a puff of smoke.

The dream ended.

As I awoke, this dream was very real, still, and I prayed for understanding. The LORD heard my prayer, and this is what He showed me:

The victim was a typical believer. The two abductors were demons. One was named Guilt. The other was named Shame. The typical believer could not overcome them. He found himself in bondage to them. As a child of God, walking in the light, the demons became powerless as I led by God's Spirit arrived to free the captive. God in me was far more than satan and his cohorts could handle.

One detail puzzled me. I saw that when the young man had been set free from Guilt and Shame, he was able to stand. But why, when all the fire had gone out, did his hair continue to burn for a few seconds after he stood?

What the LORD showed me was that in spite of the fact that Jesus's death on the cross had set all believers free from guilt and shame forever, the mind would still receive the guilt and shame by believing the lies of satan. Guilt manifests as thinking God didn't really or totally forgive us, that He still holds us responsible for our transgressions. Shame manifests as feeling that we are not worthy of God's love or man's. So guilt and shame cut us off from loving God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength, and from loving our neighbor as ourself. We find ourselves repeating to ourselves the lies satan tells us about ourselves.

So, while Jesus did in fact defeat satan and strip him of his authority, and his right to condemn and bind us, we find ourselves in bondage when we listen to his lies. God has called us to be free. Jesus said if we continue in His word, we are His disciples indeed. And we will know the truth. And the truth will make us free.

If we don't continue in His word, we can't be His disciples. When we need to know the truth, we'll believe the lie.

Now many would think at this point, I'm preaching about the need to study the bible, and I'm not. You can study the bible till you're blue in the face, and be in bondage. Continuing in the word means DOING it. It's living and active (and sharper than a two-edged sword). If you only have it in your head, it hasn't gone far enough. Believe it, obey it, and do it, and keep doing it. All other paths lead to bondage.

A disciple follows orders. He knows to obey His master. And Jesus makes Him free.

Are you as free as you want to be/ To worship the King of kings?/ Are you as free as you want to be/ To run with the Prince of peace?/ If you want to be free/ Then repeat after me/ I know the Truth/ I know the Truth/ I know the Truth And He has set me free/ He has set me free I know the Truth and He has set me free/ I know the Truth and He has set me free/ I know the Truth and He has set me free/ JESUS has set me free

How well do you know the Truth? His name is JESUS. He loves you and He has won your freedom. Do you believe it? Then rejoice in His victory. You are free indeed.

I pray you will experience His freedom throughout this year and next year and the year after that. You're free!

David Benrexi 1-21-03



NOTE:Thank you everyone for your prayers for our daughter Zoe. Her accident the day after Thanksgiving nearly killed her, but she has made an amazing recovery. Doctors told us she'd be in a wheelchair for 3 to 4 months, but it was less than four weeks. They said she couldn't work for six months. She went back to work last Thursday. She is attending school full time now and has no ill effects from the accident. We are very grateful to you for your prayers, and thank each one that sent encouraging words to Zoe. We are so blessed to be part of the family of God with so many precious brothers and sisters.

NEWSFLASH: Thursday night, Kelley Woodfin, a very anointed sister from Iowa, will be singing 'Pink or Blue?' on Channel 35 WWTO in Chicago. We are so thankful for this young woman who has such a heart for the unborn. Visit Kelley's website www.chosenoneministries.org and pray for her, that God's hand would be on her as she ministers to many thousands. We thank God for Kelley, and everyone who has helped us birth and continue the 'Pink or Blue?' project. It's time to bring 30 years of killing the innocent to an end. We have the Power. His name is JESUS!

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David and Jo

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