"The Power to Effect Life"

    written by Undrai & Bridget Fizer

    God's apostolic dimension is taking over life as we know it (and not just solely taking over the Church and it's presentation). It's changing life as we know and live it. It's impacting our understanding and our ideas of thought. It's moving beyond the category of religious practice, and taking over the realm called LIFE.

    This is a transition that the Body of Christ must learn to embrace and understand. Our prior thinking of church, ministry, and leadership will be challenged to the hilt. We will be moved to expand beyond our "borders" of life and thought. This is the power of God being moved into the realm of life as we know it.

    God will use us according to the pursuits of His Life in this dimension. We will not be able to hide from the demands of His life by "hiding in our gifts." The most effective "gift" that will be used by the Holy Spirit is the gift of embraced purpose, maturity, and love for the Father. Our love in Him will "create the tools" needed to advance His life.

    You must be able to affect life, and not just "church" per se. God is challenging us to affect the lives of men. We must allow the Spirit to remove us from the "presentation of ministry" and introduce us to the "life of kingdom administration" (which is the ministry of LIVING).

    The apostolic dimension is not a religious dimension. It is not a conference dimension or a church dimension. It is a living dimension, creating a "stir" within the lives and minds of the saved and unsaved in this world. It is a dimension that turns worlds upside down. This cannot happen on a Sunday. It cannot be an anointing that only turns a service upside down. It must "rattle" the foundations of life, thought, and creativity!

    God is merging Himself into the realm of life. He is walking among us in the Spirit, producing a power in the times of men. The Father is moving beyond the 2 to 3 hour presentation of ministry, and causing an apostolic manifestion in the schedules of life. Do not seek for the full manifestation of the apostolic/ prophetic dimension in the service times of "church as we know it." The best way to see it is through the movements of life.

    He is adding daily to the church (or Himself). This dimension is one that adds daily in various regions, meeting places, and conversations. It cannot be "boxed" in or programmed. (You cannot program anything that cannot be contained or "stilled." You cannot program the breathing of the Spirit).

    NOTE: This dimension is so powerful, that the only thing you can do is "gather together" and receive the breath of the Father. When you receive the Father's life, you can confidently give it to someone else. There is no fear in releasing to others what you have truly received for yourself. (You do not have to ask "what do I give?" You can only give what you have.)

    The Father is structuring His believers into "prophetic gatherings." This is not a gathering where individuals just prophesy. Its a gathering that receives the life flow of the Father (which is prophetic). They receive the ever expanding river of God that produces wisdom, maturity, and order. It's the dimension of the Kingdom.

    Even ordinations will be different. The Father is not choosing individuals according to ministry gifting or presentation. He is choosing those who are pursuers of purpose. The Father will publicly ordain those who are living out of what they were "ordained or created" to be. There are many who have been "ordained" to be something in the "church" that they are not ordained to be in life itself. The apostolic/ prophetic dimensions of God will identify the "life ordination" of an individual, whether saved or not, speak into that spot in their lives, thus producing the real "ordination" of the Spirit (salvation and purpose). Do you see the changes that are happening to God's people and His Government?

    Your life is being challenged by the Father, not just a gifted presentation of ministry. Your endurance and patience are being defined for ministry, not your excellency of speech or your wit. Your crushing is being tested for ministry to the nations and not your ability to be an accurate prophet. Accuracy doesn't get the job done. Substance, maturity, and prophetic endurance will. (You can be an accurate prophet and yet fail in endurance.) I think that's why a lot of prophetic individuals get frustrated. They know what it takes to pass the test, but they lack what it takes to endure and be completed by the test. Some feel that they should be placed in authority because of what they know but the Father places you there by what you have received, believed and endured!

    Some may say, "This person is not as gifted as me," but what they don't realize is that the person may have endured the process better than the one who was gifted. Giftings and endurance are two different things. You cannot impact what you do not endure. Those who have endured could still be flawed in spirit, yet they have the ability to yet live this life with "thorns" in their flesh. Gifted (but unprocessed) individuals desire respect for their "power," but the real power is enduring the Hand of God, and remaining alive! (Some gifted individuals "escape" by finding "refuge" in their own powers.)

    Endurance produces the real gifts of God within the believer. Maturity and substance attract the eyes of the Father toward you. That is what the Father truly recognizes.

    Life, and not gifts alone.

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