Whirlwind Romance

Written by Graham Cooke

I asked the Lord to give me a confirmation that we are on the right track in our worship time. This is what came ...

"Behold, I come as a mighty rushing wind. The whirlwind of My presense to sweep you off your feet, to twirl you around as a Lover dancing with His beloved. There is a quickening spirit in the earth ... a spirit of adoration abroad in the nations ... a divine acceleration in the house of worship. It is the Bridegroom paying court to His love ... a whirlwind romance to restore you to your place in My heart. I am raising up houses of worship, places that will beautify My bride. There is a radiance descending from heaven to captivate the hearts of My beloved. Come, let Me touch you. I come as the wind to move on your heart, to blow away all that causes offense, and to catch you up in a whirlwind romance ...to whirl you around in the power of the dance ... Close your eyes, beloved. See yourself dancing with Me. My arms are open wide; let Me embrace you. Let Me take you for a spin on the dance floor. It's your turn, it's your time to dance with your Beloved. See yourself spinning, waltzing, step by step in tune with My feet. I will teach you to dance, says the Lord. I'll teach you to dance because I've got dancing feet. I'm a dancing King. I'm a dancing Warrior, but I don't just do war dances. I do slow dances. I do quick dances. I'm a dancing King. I'm a dancing Lover of your soul. Come, and dance with Me. Come, and let me twirl you around. Get lost in the dance with your Beloved. See yourself, see yourself dancing, dancing, dancing. There is a whirlwind romance taking place from Heaven to earth, and I am romancing you. Let Me touch you; let Me touch you; let Me touch you!!! Let Me hold you; let Me embrace you. Beloved, may I have the pleasure of this dance? Oh, and save the next dance for Me as well ... and the one after that ... and the one after that."

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