Small Straws in a Soft Wind

by Marsha Burns

May 23, 2003

In a vision I saw a well-known Christian television personality who had been blinded in one eye and was crying out for a physician. And, in the background, were many people who had joined with this ministry who were looking for fame and fortune. Then, I was shown a nail-pierced foot carved out of wood, but it was breaking in pieces, and I heard the Lord say: Many have heard My voice, "Take up your cross and follow Me." You started out on the right foot, seeking to obey My leading and to do My will, but you are being blinded and can no longer discern or see the truth or walk in the way that I have chosen for you because of your own desire to minister and to be seen, heard and acclaimed. You are further defiled by those around you who are not seeking Me, but who desire to be known as great. Have you not read that those who desire to be first will be last? For those who are true leaders are first servants. Do not seek to be healed by physicians or the devices and schemes of men. Rather, lay aside your own ambitions and aspirations, and come again to worship Me in spirit and in truth. I am your Healer, and I will heal that which is blind and lame if you will come in true humility and repentance. You must choose to be carried by My Spirit and not by your own dreams and desires.

Faith Tabernacle
P. O. Box 1148
Kremmling, Colorado 80459

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