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Like many of God’s people, I was frustrated for many years and tormented even because of the daily slaughter of innocent lives through legalized abortion in our country.  Back in 1993 I wrote six songs to protest the taking of innocent lives and was frustrated that no one seemed interested in hearing them. When I moved to the Pittsburgh area in 1995, I soon found my life in tremendous turmoil because of severe financial pressures.  Nonetheless, I had a burning desire to share these songs with local churches.  I went to meet the pastor of the local church I was attending and was disappointed when he didn’t jump at the opportunity to recommend me and my songs.  Instead he confronted me with the choices I had made that had put my life and my family in such a tenuous state.  I received his correction and through repentance came to a new awakening concerning God’s love for all people and His desire for me to walk in close fellowship with Him.

POB CD Cover Front
Pink Or Blue CD Cover Front

POB CD Cover Inside Left
Pink Or Blue CD Cover Inside Left

I left a job with an advertising company and started working for a Christian publisher.  Over the next four years I was able to pay off the huge debt I had built up over the previous ten years.  In my new position I often spoke with authors, ministers, and bookstore owners.  One day I came in contact with a woman named Sherry who worked for a Christian radio ministry.  She shared with me that she had written about 200 poems since giving her life to Jesus a few years earlier.  She sent me a few of her poems via fax and I was very moved by them.  In January of 1997, I met Sherry at a booksellers convention in Nashville.  She was looking for a publisher for her poetry.  The company I represented didn’t publish poetry or fiction.  Nonetheless, I enjoyed meeting Sherry, and she gave me a few of her newest poems, including ‘Pink or Blue?’  After reading it, I asked permission to make it into a song.
When I put ‘Pink or Blue?’ to music, I again thought here was a song that would change the status quo, but there seemed to be no avenue to share the song, so once again it seemed nothing would come of it.  During the next three years, God blessed me with 300 new songs, so I didn’t have time to feel sorry for myself.  I gradually forgot ‘Pink or Blue?’ and didn’t stay in touch with Sherry.

Four and a half years later, I was working as a counselor at Teen Challenge, and had recorded two full length CDs.  I had become much more active in sharing music with the Body of Christ.  After an overnight trip to Canada with three Teen Challenge students in September of 2001, we stopped at Niagara Falls on the way home.  Driving back to Pittsburgh later, while the three men slept, I had a visitation of sorts, where the Lord spoke to my heart and told me to record ‘Pink or Blue?’ and make it the title song of  the new CD we were planning to record.  I had to relocate Sherry to get the words again, as I had forgotten them. It took nearly nine months to get back into the recording studio, as the enemy attacked this effort from the very beginning.  But God had His hand on this project from day one, and we were truly blessed as He gave us outstanding people to work with.  Finishing the CD was a joyous experience for all involved.

POB CD Cover Inside Right
Pink Or Blue CD Cover Inside Right

POB CD Cover Back
Pink Or Blue CD Cover Back

The purpose of the ‘Pink or Blue?’ Project has been to share these songs with the pregnant young women who God wants to touch with the music.  We have been working in cooperation with pregnancy care centers since October of 2002. We started out with 9 centers in western Pennsylvania and then added eight more centers in other states who came to a Heartbeat International convention in Pittsburgh in October.  Since then we have grown to 57 centers in 35 states and expect to be sharing this music in all fifty states by year’s end. (This goal was realized in January of 2004, and there are currently 80 participating centers as of June 2004.) The project is funded entirely by concerned believers who want to partner with us in reaching out to these young women with the love, mercy, and forgiveness of the Lord Jesus Christ.  In the selection of songs, musicians, instruments, the CD cover, the liner notes, and the way we have approached pregnancy care centers and local churches, we have been seeking at all times to be led by the Holy Spirit, and to obey Him.  We do not intend for this to be a springboard to advance our ministry, or a promotion to sell our music.  We believe that it truly is more blessed to give than receive, and we want to give as much as we can to as many as we can for as long as we can.  How many will be eventually reached is entirely up to God.
We offer volunteer positions to anyone who would like to work with us. Typically, a volunteer commits one or two hours a month, and can help us by praying for specific needs, or by contacting pregnancy centers once every 30-90 days to see if they need more CDs, and see if they have anything they want to share with our readers via our web-page.  We also are interested in helping anyone who is called to be a spokesperson for the unborn.  We can help you to serve the Lord in this needed capacity.  We are in the process of developing a page called "Go Inside a Pregnancy Care Center" that will help the Body of Christ to better understand what pregnancy care centers are and what they do.

David Benrexi
Zephaniah Records
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